Empower a woman to empower the next generation.

The subject of strengthening of ladies has turned into a consuming issue everywhere throughout the world including India since the most recent couple of decades. The job of ladies in India has dependably been far more prominent than its societal definition which is only a perfect representation of the general inclination encompassing sex. Ladies, alongside being the social draftsmen of our social fiber, have played real supporters of the monetary advancement of the country. The opportunity has already come and gone that we comprehend and recognize the significance of ladies, and give them a domain which is both physically and candidly secure to work and live in.

Imbalances among people and oppression ladies have likewise been age-old issues everywhere throughout the world. Along these lines, ladies’ journey for fairness with man is an all-inclusive wonder. What exists for men is requested by ladies?

They have requested uniformity with men in issues of instruction, business, legacy, marriage, governmental issues and as of late in the field of religion additionally to fill in as a priest. Ladies need to have for themselves similar methodologies of progress which menfolk have had throughout the hundreds of years, for example, measure up to pay for equivalent work. Their journey for correspondence has brought forth the arrangement of numerous ladies’ affiliations and propelling of developments

Long periods of holding under spreads the narratives of attack and its joined results presented to us no great. Possibly it is time that we get rid of the blindfolds and take a gander at things as they are with the goal that the genuine fix work can be begun.

As somebody broadly stated, “When a blossom doesn’t sprout, you settle the earth in which it develops, not the bloom.”

Villages, the repositories of culture and custom in our nation, happen to be the central purposes of female mistreatment. The young lady experiencing childhood in a provincial setup is socially molded to figure herself mediocre compared to her male partner and this is ripped off of the basic feeling of uniformity at an extremely youthful age. The young lady tyke is requested to carry on in a ‘girly’ way, which regularly converts into keeping up a bashful, calm disposition. From her garments to her conduct to her training, all is customized by the general public with the sharp scissors of conservatism. Furthermore, such a kid, who lives under the strict observation of her family, regularly grows up preposterous and ignorant of her fundamental rights as a person.

On the off chance that we investigate the monetary status of country ladies, we locate that a large portion of them are reliant on the male individuals from their family for their money-related prerequisites. This excessively makes them powerless, making it impossible to maltreatment as financial hardship. They are viewed as wards and peons who ‘owe’ their lives to their spouses. Additionally, they are to a great extent seen as home-producers, regardless of whether they are contributing the same amount of as their male partners in pay age exercises. No genuine ladies strengthening can happen until we as a general public, don’t dispose of the restraints against the money related autonomy of ladies. Helping rustic ladies gain a steady pay open door is only the best approach on the off chance that we need to see an enhancement in the states of ladies in India. A standard inflow of cash will help enhance the economic wellbeing of ladies inside families and networks.

SUVIDHA abbreviated as Society for the Upliftment of Villagers & Development of Himalayan Areas is a non-profit, rural development and the voluntary organization has been working for sustainable management of natural resources, educating the farmers and women empowerment in rural areas of India.

The completed projects that have been initiated by Suvidha are an example set for development of women in rural areas and exploring their potentials and strengthening themselves are given them an equivalent position in the society.

The projects completed are 

Integrating Gender and Social Equity through Handloom carried out in Almora, Uttarakhand with the outcome of 
Products from Nettle fiber and taser were made 
Products are on display and being sold at many stored of Delhi and in HHEC. 

Gender Equality through Tailoring Handloom and Handicraft carried out in Nainital, Uttarakhand with an outcome of 
Various Handloom and jute handicraft products were developed and marketed at different platforms

Ongoing projects are 

Sustainable livelihood approach for Women and Adolescent girl where more than 500 individuals are engaged in the programme where women are trained tailoring, stitching, and knitting

Kumaon food court has been set in Munsyari Block

Handloom unit has been established

Products like Gahat Soup, Mix Daal Soup and Energy bars are developed



SUVIDHA abbreviated as Society for the Upliftment of Villagers & Development of Himalayan Areas is a non-profit, rural development and voluntary organization founded in the year 2004 which aims at eliminating poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy for 60% of citizens who still live in the backward areas of the nation. With over 13 years of experience in managing government/private sector projects, Suvidha is well equipped with the manpower and expertise to deliver holistic solutions in the field of Agriculture, Rural development, Women Empowerment, Education and Health.

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