Projects carried out for Upliftment Of Rural’s Habitats in Simalkha unit- Betalghat ( Nainital )

Suvidha NGO was conceived for the development and upliftment of the rural habitats in Himalayan mountain areas of India. With this idea, it came into the light of action in the year 2004.

The responsibility structure was developed for eliminating poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy for 60% of citizens who still live in the backward areas of the nation. With over 12 years of experience in managing government/private sector projects, Suvidha is well equipped with the manpower and expertise to deliver holistic solutions in the field of Agriculture, Rural Development, Women Empowerment, Education and Health.

citizens who still live in the backward areas of the nation. With over 12 years of experience in managing government/private sector projects, Suvidha is well equipped with the manpower and expertise to deliver holistic solutions in the field of Agriculture, Rural Development, Women Empowerment, Education and Health.

Suvidha has been continuously taking aggressive steps in the development of the villages and undertaking projects for villagers to drive them to be the finest farmer by implementing programs which leads to cultivating profitable and outstanding outputs of quality crops which in turn leading towards the advancement of livelihood of rural habitats.

Suvidha has been carrying out activities such as Crop Insurance and Small Collection Centre in one of their major touch areas, Simalkha Unit located in Betalghat of Nainital, Uttarakhand. This activity is being carried out in the locality since 2014. Under this activity, the prime focus has been to instrument Integrated livelihood support program covered by Watershed ManagementDepartment.At the start of the journey of the project, awareness programs were initiated for pgs and vps and their groups were constituted. Post accomplishment of the process of group development in 2017 in Simalkha unit 4 livelihood clusters created. There are 241 vulnerable and producer groups formed under the livelihood clusters. 2172 households were united with these four clusters and from 1-3-18 a well informed and skilled staff is working for these clusters with the 

motive of joining more and more farmers to the programme. Progressive and well aware farmers are associated with these clusters with the motive of development.  

With the guidance of program and agriculture department, the decision regarding the crop 

insurance has been taken for the fruitful pea and peach farming. 

The farmers which are associated with these programs are happy with is the decision because they treasure trove it secured. Subsequent were the villages were crop insurance has been done : 

S.noVillageNo of membersCropLand(in Naali)

Khairali bunga situated in the catchment area of the project area, has the potential population who can cultivate vegetation all around the season but the geographical location is inaccessible as a result, this vegetation cannot reach to consumer market. Suvidha to eliminate this difficulties have set up a Collection center located at a reach of 1 Km from the Khairali bunga so that product can reach to market and ranchers can have a better income. Post the set up it has resulted the sale of potato crop to the market collected form this centers only.



SUVIDHA abbreviated as Society for the Upliftment of Villagers & Development of Himalayan Areas is a non-profit, rural development and voluntary organization founded in the year 2004 which aims at eliminating poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy for 60% of citizens who still live in the backward areas of the nation. With over 13 years of experience in managing government/private sector projects, Suvidha is well equipped with the manpower and expertise to deliver holistic solutions in the field of Agriculture, Rural development, Women Empowerment, Education and Health.

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